Bert Does Delhi

And makes a tour to Agra
Bert visits the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Build by Mughal Emperor Shah-Jehan for his queen Mumtaz-Mahal. Bert wonders if this isn't a bit to high of a prize for promiscuity (the emperor had a few hundred concubines)
Time for the small print. The left picture above is the second picture where Bert was brought in by GIMP. Bert did no make it through security.

Bert meets a cobra.

Initially hypnotized by the sound of the flute Bert is drawn closer and closer.
It took a byte to realize that the Cobras were more interested in Bert's nose than his shirtware.

And here we are at the Tomb of Akbar the Mughal emperor who ruled at the same time Elizabeth the first was waiving her scepter over Englend.

Bert visits the Red Fort of Delhi