Sightseeing in Stockholm

What are all these Moose doing here.

Does Bert's resemblance to a Troll attrack attention of these tasty animals?

Bert was told some of the stories by Astrid Lindgren and did a Pippi impersonation...

The chair of the special advisory committee awards Bert with the special decoration for improvement of the Scottish-Swedish relations.

This is of course celabrated with the custom-sized 21yr old Scottish beverage.

Bert's Feminine Side

Our buddy Bert, known for his testeron driven behavior got abducted by the NetGrrls and was forced to get in touch with his feminine side.

As we all know those girls dress up in dresses, like flowers, have earpiercings, gossip in the ladies, and do some pole dancing once in a while.

The pictures of Bert's period are censored.