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  • Are you afraid your page does not stand out between all those other billions of pages that are available on the www?
    Are you afraid that only robots indexing the web look at your pages?
  • Do you fear that no intelligent human being will ever get to see what you wrote?

No Need; Now there is the "READ BY" certification program.

With the "READ BY" certification you know that at least Bert has read the information on your page. Not by Robots, not by weird search engines, but by Bert. Resulting in hand maintained links.

The following pages are read by Bert at some point in time

While you here, read Bert's other pages as well.

Please report broken links

Be the n-th to join the program and get the "READ BY" button on your webpage. Send an email to Bert's Secretary . (Don't you forget to send that mail), wait for confirmation and then:

Add the 'read by' button by pasting the following:

<A href="" title="READ By Certification"> <IMG src="" border="0" alt="READ BY Certification"></A>

The 'button' looks like this:

Bert will need to know about your page. And since Bert actually reads your pages it may take a while before a link is added. If Bert turns away in disgust or incomprehension then he will not read your page and a link will never occur. Bert will have a preference for Geek pages and he dislikes anything that vaguely resembles advertisements.

Feel free to use this idea, I do not take it that seriously.. create your own "Read By" button and your own certification page. Give Bert some credit by linking to this page.