Bert Meets the Stars

Feel free to mail us your pictures of Bert meeting the Stars. Since Marilyn and Elvis have past away we will settle for the well known Geeks seen at IETF, RIPE, Nanog etc. etc....
Bert meets Nii Quaynor
Roberto Gaetano explains that the "At Large" also represents fellows of yellow complexion with orange noses.
Bert meets Nii
Mark Krivosheev explains Bert that watching to much television may turn his brains into pulp.
Bert meets Nii Quaynor
Nii Quaynor is adviced on functional use of the ISOC Award.
Bert Meets Vint Cerf
Vint Cerf is inspired by Bert's thoughts on te future of the Internet
Giovanni Seppia tries to impress Bert by quoting Dante's Commedia: "Cum neminem ante nos de vulgaris..."
Taiji Kimura applies his famous Japanese back massage (Bert had a perfect "hot spring well" bath before.)
Scott Bradner is intimidated by Bert's knowledge of IETF process rules
Bert tries to sell the Internet to the ITU, represented by Richard Hill and Robert Shaw. (Few people realize the importance of the deal that Bert made some time ago).
Bert getting informed by Richard Lamb about the latest developments in the State dept.
Paul Kane and Bert: Recruiting for secret working groups
Akinori Maemura and Bert have a small discussion on IP policy in general. Berts command of the Japanese language is being met with surprise.
Adiel Akplogan cannot be convinced that the African office of Bert's secretariat need a /14 for its secret operations.
Alain Durand is impressed by Bert's knowledge of wine, art cuisine and the details of the IPv6 stack.

Bert is seducing Lynn stArmours into a few friendly kisses, notices his hairdo being the inverse of John Klensing's (black and on top vs grey and on the bottom) and provides Carl Malumud with some great hints on how to successfully reorganize the IETF
Bert criticizes Steve Crocker for the lack of a security section: "Yeah Steve, a typical error authors make in their first RFC" Bert argues for obtaining authoritative publishing rights for the root and surprises DOC's Cathy Handley with the thoroughness of his plans.
Bert states to Harard Alvestrant (above) that fuzzy shirts are misleading. David Kessens (right) tries to determine the lens-brand while Bert is on his way to troubleshoot an IPv6 network.. priorities... priorities....
Hwa-Jung Han and Kurtis in the 'Mimic Bert's Smile Contest'
Beertema and Bert having a dispute about the "godfather" domain
Peter Honeyman and Bert are not amused. Hugh Daniel is convinced that his crypto secrets are safe with Bert
Bill Cheswick and Bert go over the old Berferd story
Brad Knowles impersonates a muppet while Bert tries to talk bits and bytes.
Marshall Kirk McKusick cannot be convinced that a Kir is a better 'aperitif' than a Pouillac
Lynn Blokzijl does not know (yet) that Rob Blokzijl and Bert share the genes for facial expression
Bert provides Rob Austein with some info on the latest trend in Internet Architecture.
Bert seriously denies being a BIF too. (Bert & Bill Manning)
Bert suggesting some topics to the IEPG (with Geoff Huston and Elise Gerich, Geoff being the first to join the Read By Bert program).
above: Marcos Sanz is a little nervous being in the picture together with Bert

left: Bert advises Sabine Doder on the .net bid.

Rip Loomis (left) discovers that one of Bert's favorite movies is 'Das Boot'. Mark Andrews (above) shows of his fashionable and ultra-cool T-shirt to Bert. While Michael Richardson (below) is carefully following Bert's instructions.
Paul Vixie does the "Bert gaze"
Mark Kosters gets emotional while discussing confidential matters with a member of nomcom (the orange dot)
Tom Vest doubts Bert's sense of rythm while Bert dances on Tom's keyboard...
Bert and Robert discus a possible keynote for next years Apricot
Paul Twomey (ICANN), Leslie Daigle (IAB) and Bert (Secret Working Group) just closed the deal...
Gilmore, Daniels and Bert are conspiring...
Bert tells Evi Nemeth a story about the time he was sailing the seas as pirate
Phil Smith analyzes Bert's community strings (while the whole of Asia is looking for him).
Bert gathers in-depth security knowledge from Merike Kaeo.
Brian shares his hotdog while Bert mumbles something about bind's memory management API
We overheard part of the conversation:

'Olafur if you post this you will initiate an appeal process that will keep folk busy for another 3 years, I suggest you modify this text ....'

Stephen Dyer just cannot believe Bert's newest ICANN ideas
Daniel Karrenberg is as happy as a child as Bert tells him he likes yellow jumpers too....
Mike Hughes seems to fancy Bert's behind....
Bert in some groups

Bert's bodyguard and Bert's Secretary... but no Bert