Bert at Apricot 2003

Taipei, Feb 2003.

Some of the local landmarks:
  • city hall
  • the highest stack of take-away boxes to be.
While Bert was walking around he considdered a nose job...
National Museum Memorial

Time for serious 'Geek Shopping'. Bert is amazed by the specs and wants to buy a serious amount of Chinese games

above: Bert watches the birth of a new trend: the funny facial tatoo...
Bert is being interviewed after the signing ceremony (above).

While being adressed by the Minister of Transport and Communications the camera slowly turns in Bert's direction (top right).

Registration staff cuddles Bert (middle right)

Bert plays some Chinese folk tunes (bottom right)

Bert at Hsimin square (below)


Bert surrounded by all sort of lovely and cuddelly creatures.

"I'll sell my body if you buy a game"