Bert in DC

Bert was at a USC/ISI workshop on deployment of DS in DNSSEC.

Below, you see Bert, all work and some play.

Bert surrounded by DNSSEC gurus.
Bert replacing Johan Ihren's laptop's Disk.

Free of charge !!

"I'll tell you what's evil, wildcard denail by NXT RRs, that is evil..."

Do you remember

Bert replays the 'stairs 'scene' while visiting Georgetown

Bert went to visit the White House on a rainy sunday morning, just before his meeting with a bunch of laywers, lobyists and law-enforcers

Washington DC

is a fun place

Bert checking in at the Tabard-Inn. Bert carefully positioned against the wall at the Dupont Circle

Bert went missing during the meeting. Some people showed to be a bad influence... The pictures shown behind this secret link are not intended for small children.