Bert at IETF54

Atlanta, Nov 2002.

Bert figures out he may be held liable when he remains seated near the emergency exit and tries to convince the attendant that he is better of seated elsewhere


Atlanta Downtown Please!

Bert just turned downed an offer from Ted Turner: 'Hey get a live, I don't want to be your new anchor man, I have my own show and a day job'

Bert at the HIGH

( For all those fools that just followed the link from Google, this has nothing to do with 'substances'. )

Bert as the local consultant

Top left: The Marriot Marquis makes Bert Brooding about Herman.

Top right: General engineering principle: If you can't fix it with gaffer it ain't broken.

When David did not manage to fix his IPv6 problems he consulted Bert.

Bert @ the Scotch BOF

Bert, as chair of the secret-wg, was happy to be invited to yet another backroom meeting of yet another secret cabal.

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40.000 Queries per second... hah...peanuts !!!!

Few people know that one of the root-servers is operated from Bert's laptop.

Implementation of BBI2 (RFC 1149 Firewalling)

Bert pulled an all-nighter to implement the ICPM_TRIANGULATE message(top left), preparing the firewall equipment (top right) and presenting the somewhat shocking result of filtering 63 packets to the working group (bottom left).

Bert regrets dropping a wrong packet (bottom right).


[BBI2]: RFC1149 Firewalling

Bert found out that he has familly living in the deep Georgia forests.

On a sunny afternoon Bert went to meet his (somewhat distant Nephews) SIP, SOAP and SASL