Bert at IETF56

San Francisco March 2003

Bert in San Francisco.

Bert relaxes while staring at the ocean.
The Rock aka Alcatraz; Did Clint swim all the way?
Left: Bert at the BIND forum

Right: Bert as acting DNSEXT co-chair

The Streets of San Francisco

Bert at the corner of Broadway and Columbia and some other streets.
George's chair at Vesuvio's.
Bert supports the Northern Californian Environment.

Bert Chooses Sides

Bert's operation

During his travels Bert almost lost an arm.

Bert in Redwood City

Before going to San Francisco Bert first went to Redwood City to visit ISC and Nominum....
Bert meets Nyassa (left) and is as always happy to participate in any cabal (below).

Merike's Party

Bert went to Merike Kaeo's party and was surprised to be able to listen to his favorite band.
Anybody mentioned the word foot fetish?
Bert gets seriously worried when his nose is being compared with a tomato.

(The secretariat has received complaints that this caption is to much for insiders only)

Just fooling around pics

Bert meets the dragon Bert is inspired by a sign