Bert at IETF58

Minneapolis, MN, USA
November 2003

Bert takes over...

OK Harald, just point in the general direction, they'll go there eventually.


annoying... annoying... I'll tell you what is annoying.

An AODV network with 3 participants and no upstreams... that is annoying
5 bucks for a bottle of water... that is annoying
Impertinent proposals by complete strangers... that is annoying
Having 30 802.11 clients running in ad-hoc mode with the same SSID as the conference network... that is annoying.
People not able to follow even the simplest instructions... that is annoying
Having all the dots but not being listened to... that is annoying.

...And The Universal Deployment Of IPv6

The Scotch-BOF report.

10th Street Minneapolis' 10th street is the coolest street in the Midwest of the US of A. In fact maybe the coolest street in the whole of the US of A...
The many fine shops at 10th streets where Bert likes to spend money. Hells Kitchen, a fine independend cuisine, Let it Be a fine independend record store, and Big Brain Comics a comics book store with many fine independend comics.

Flirt and Fantasy

Hi Rod,

I just read the advertisement on, it seems that we have a lot in common. We both seem to be struggling with 'that' feeling. Let me tell me a little more about myself. Maybe you are interested and we can hook up some time.

Let me start with noticing that we share ethnicity, that seems special. I rarely meet folk with the same ethnicity, it excites me.

I have two jobs, one of them is really my hobby, the other pays the bills. During the early evening hours I act in this show. Its been around for a while and maybe you've seen it. The part of the show where I star is mostly centered around dialogues with my buddy. Since these dialogues often take place in the bedroom people have suspicions about my sexual preferences... I do not understand why, but there is that gossip thing, I do not like it.

My other job is as an Internet Trend Watcher (, this takes me to many places and brings me into contact with many exciting people and what is more I discovered that on the Internet it is easy to anonymously contact others that have the same kink but are usually turned off by our ethnicity. Rod, I can really recommend the Internet as a way to finding others with the same interest. As said the job brings me to many places, and although anonymous promiscuity comes
natural, I am in fact seeking a more stable long term relation.
Rod, your add, and the picture you posted, excited me. And I am not talking physical excitement (I know what you were thinking, dirty boy). I can't hardly wait to meet you in person so we can share our experiences and kinks. I'm so curious if you are into leather too.

Oh, I also noticed we have one mismatch. You mentioned you are a republican. I am a liberal. I actually intend to vote for an
independent candidate I hope you like discussing politics because I am a little opinionated. And if discussions turn into arguments we will have to make up.. somehow. I cannot wait.

Rod, please mail me back, I hope you are as excited as me.

hugs and a little 'dirty' kiss,


During one of his lonely nights, locked in the Hilton hotel room, Bert stumbled upon Rod. One of the stars in AvenueQ (

Bert responded promptly and mailed a mail he regretted later.