Bert at IETF61,
Washington, DC, Bushwabwe
November 2004

Bert's Day at the Registries

Bert had a fun day at NeuStar and Verisign he got to fool the biometric systems, saw all kind of racked equipment, danced on the first .com server ever and admired NeuStars seminal STNTDW2 server.

So Bert goes to this biker bar, mistakes a Harley for a toilet, and then starts to argue about the correlation between haircolor, inbreed and intelligence. He has been convinced of the lack of such correlation by "Everblast" dispute resolution.

Bert and Lars-Johan re-act a famous Cassablanca scene. After the smooth jazzy stuff its time for Bach.

Silent Protest

Nov 2, Bush got re-elected, Bert bought a number of books such as: "Out of Control", "Beyond Therappy", "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", "The dark night of the soul","Death and Dying", "The Catastrophist", "The end of everything" and many many many more.

The travel guides to Canada were shipped seperatly

The Hilton Bert got Shot (and Reagan too).

Both survived, even though Bert did not have a "moustache with a semi-automatic"

Please all rise
Bert is in the House

At the secretariat we all think that an IP6ARPA licence plate is cool. But the off by 2 error keeps puzzling us.