Finding a Tailor in Bangkok

how Bert got a new attire from Crown Tailor's

Bert's attire is usually that of the average geek. Tasteless colored pants (green), and a worn T-shirt. But being the classy fellow that he is he decided to use his spare time in Bangkok to have himself a suit tailored.

Finding a tailor in Bangkok is easy, there are a few hundred tailors in the Sukhumvit area. Most of them have doormen that pull you in and loud advertisement, like the one in the picture, that offer you 2 shirts, 3 shirts, 2 ties and 2 pieces of kitchenware all for the excellent price of about 10000 Baht. Loud advertisements and overzealous doormen can also be found near cheap and low quality tourist trap restaurants and outside of cheap and sleazy bars in the Amsterdam red-light district. In other words, they are an indication for the quality you may expect when you fall for their offer.

So, when you find yourself attracted by an offer of about 100 dollar per suit, you will find yourself wearing a highly flammable nylon/polyester suit that looks like it fell from a Toyota pickup. Another hint for inferior quality is the "ready in 24 hours sign". That may be true for shirts but a suit needs at least 1 and most probably 2 fittings to be perfected. This is even more important when one is not of average build, like Bert.

So the trick is to find oneself a reputable tailor and to spend just a bit more. Finding oneself a reputable tailor was a task left to Bert's secretary who happened to be quite impressed by the work of "Crown's Tailor" . Hence Bert set out to Sukhumvit where he found the little, well lit and elegant shop in Soi 8, no 13.

Crown is a family ran business. Mr. Sam (The secret working group appreciates people that use a 'nom de guerre') welcomes his clientele with a open and smile.

The price of a suit depends on the material that is chosen and the choice of the material is of importance (ask Kermit, who choose the same material as the emperor in the well known tale)

The measurements are taken very carefully. At Bert's size a mistake of a few millimeters could result in a problematic fit.

After Bert had his first and second fitting (no pictures of that unfortunately) the tailor promised to send the garment to the Secret Working group secretariat.

After about 10 days Bert's perfectly fitted shirt and shorts arrived.. There is no reason anylonger to walk around in geeky rags. Bert is now dressed for success.

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