Bert back in Bangkok
Dec 12-19, 2006

Few people know that Bert originates from Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. That is where he, in his great ambition, hired a secretary and started his travels. This time Bert went back and besides a visit to the IntERLab for some geeky stuff he found himself in vibrant Thailand and had all sorts of interesting adventures.

During his stay Bert ordered a tailored suit at Crown Tailors. Read more about it here.

At IntERLab

Bert helped in a course on DNSSEC at the InterLAB, part of the Asian Institute of Technology.

"It works". That is the point at which a geek is happy an is ready to receive honors, kisses and a certificate.

Also see "Bert gets a suit"

Bert is aware that only his nose matches the local dress code; on the other hand, he is the first to wear an IPv6 shirt after the Burmese torched the place in the 18th century)

Bert likes the Thai and the Thai like Bert. Bert will always fail to understand why Father Christmas does not wear appropriate attire for 30 degrees C weather.