Bert at IETF54

Yokohama, July 2002

Bert was at the IETF.

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It took Bert a while to locate the IETF venue (above) but once there he received the T-Shirt and key-ring-cord (right).
Ole's demo at the
Kaori Hongo teaches Bert to play some Bach
Bert practices 'Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ' (BWV639) and wonders if the Cameron remake of Tarkovsky's masterpiece will feature that piece of music.

(Does somebody recall the 'Tomita' version of BWV639)

Bert explains the inner details of the organ. Ole Jacobsen is found prepared to do the rather complicated demo.
organ specification


Few people know that Bert is a member of the DNS directorate

Off course Bert met several people this trip; see the 'Bert meets the stars' page.

There is more here!!!

like Bert at the imperial palace and at Tokyo University


Bert signs the bluesheet...

Bert's dinner at the Yokohama Hard Rock Cafe.

Waitress: Have you made your choice?
Bert: The cheese bacon burger please?
Waitress: How would you like that done?
Bert: 'Rare' please
Waitress: In the summer???
Bert: Hmmm, Make that medium rare...