Bert returns to Minneapolis

Bert returned to Minneapolis for the 4th time.

Bert at IETF 73 @IETF73
Bert visited Minneapolis back in 2002, 2003, and  2005 And now Bert returned and  found the same stunning boredome

Back in 2005 Bert wrote "Minneapolis' 10th street is the coolest street in the Midwest of the US of A. In fact maybe the coolest street in the whole of the US of A. [...] The many fine shops at 10th streets where Bert likes to spend money. Hells Kitchen, a fine independend cuisine, Let it Be a fine independend record store, and Big Brain Comics a comics book store with many fine independend comics."

Unfortunattely 10th Street has changed character
All these fine shops disappeared and left empty stores.
Fortunatelly of the 3 Good Things (TM) from 10th street two remained, albeit relocated.
Big Brain comics moved from 10th street to 1027 Washington Ave. S.
And Helll's Kitchen only moved one block down the road.
The move did not affect the taste of the burgers (as rare as legally possible is interpreted as illegaly raw, Yipeee). But, the original Steadman artwork has been replaced with reproductions and some of the staff do tattoo's not designed by Ralph (Booohhh!!!!)
With sadness the secretary concluded that "Let it Be Records" is no more.